(Although this information is mainly to help prepare complete beginners. As a condition of working with me I ask all new students – including professionals – to read this page carefully. Many thanks.)

A Professional Attitude Is Essential For Success In Music

Without it, no matter how talented you are, doors will close and you won’t understand why. With it, you will enter a world of limitless possibilities.

Give 100% To Receive 100%

As an aspiring professional singer, developing a professional attitude is much more important than your money, your contacts, your looks, your intelligence, your talent, or your ambition. It’s your invisible passport; an unspoken standard every credible person in the industry will measure you by. Some beginners mistakenly believe the music industry is like going to McDonalds or Sainsbury’s: Pay your money and get automatic service. Music is very different, there’s no automatic entry or service. It’s a ‘people business’. It’s an elite club with an ultra strict door policy: ‘Entry With A Professional Attitude Only’. Your success depends on people liking you. The best way to get to the top and stay there, is to treat everyone the way you want them to treat you. Give 100% to receive 100%.

What Is A Professional Attitude?

Courtesy. Respect. Trust. Appreciation. Optimism. Work Ethic. Good Timekeeping. Honesty. Courage.

What Is Unprofessional?

Arrogance, rudeness, taking people for granted, bigotry, paranoia, extreme pessimism and dishonesty.

Professionalism Means Developing Your Greater Self By Always Showing Your Best Self

I Believe In You 100%

My teaching is intense, heartfelt and super supportive because I genuinely want the best for you. Aside from knowledge and experience, a huge part of my effectiveness as a top vocal coach comes from my belief you are a human being first and a singer second. This bond enables me to do more and give more in helping you achieve your goals. But it also means I expect you to dig deep and have the courage to give 100% too. Consequently I only work with artists I believe have a professional attitude. This is one of the main reasons I carefully telephone interview every new student. To teach you I have to believe in you. To lift, strengthen and inspire you, I have to believe in you. I give you 100% because I believe in you 100%.

Top Pros Give 100%

All successful artists succeed with the support and collaboration of teams of dedicated highly skilled people. And the best of these skilled people choose to work with artists with the same standard of professionalism as themselves. This applies throughout the entertainment industry:– Make-up Artists, Stylists, Teachers, Choreographers, A&R managers, PA’s, Artist Managers, Bookers, Agents, Tour Managers, Journalists, Producers, Session Musicians, Video Directors, Engineers, TV Producers, Radio Producers, Top DJ’s etc. All the best people give 100%.

Your Journey To Professionalism

Your journey to professionalism in music begins with understanding this: You can’t succeed alone. You need the sincere long term support of others. You will only get sincere long term support if people like you. Treat people well and they will like you.


No matter what your vocal skill level or experience; if you have the wisdom to recognise your life is not a rehearsal; the tenacity to work hard in the present to maximise your future; and the courage to believe in a greater you. I will help you transform your singing and performance skills, and take them to the next level.

Contact me if you are highly motivated, genuinely ready for great teaching and can tell the difference.


My singing lessons are great fun but very intense. Intense, because I inspire and push my singing students harder than any other vocal coach in Europe. I believe your future is limitless and I will help you achieve it. But before we begin your journey I need a short phone chat (sometimes two or three) to be sure of your attitude and motivation:

I will accept you as my student if I’m certain you have the courage, heart and vision to dream big and work hard at building a greater version of you. And if I’m certain you will appreciate my exceptional level of energy and support.